Chapter 8 - Gaze Control In Tactical Tasks

Chapter 8 describes the gaze and focus of attention in tactical tasks as found in basketball, ice hockey, soccer and other team sports where athletes compete against one another.

Quiet Eye Training for Goalkeeper in the Soccer Penalty Kick

View the video below, which shows the fixations and quiet eye (QE) of a goaltender during the penalty kick

  1. In your stance, watch the kicker prior to the in-run
  2. As the in-run begins, shift your gaze rapidly to the non-kicking foot, which is located next to the ball. Note the direction in which the foot is pointing. This reveals the direction of the kick.
  3. Next, fixate the lower kicking leg using a quiet eye (QE) “visual pivot” (which is located between the ball, non-kicking leg and kicking leg) in order to determine which type of delivery will be used (instep, inside of foot, etc).
  4. Before the ball is contacted, moved rapidly, arms extended to the side of the net where the ball will be kicked

Piras, A. & Vickers, J. N. (2011). The effect of fixation transitions on quiet eye duration and performance in the soccer penalty kick. Cognitive Processing 12, 3, 245-255.

Media: Soccer Penalty Shot