Chapter 5 - Gaze Control To a Fixed Target
Chapter 5 describes the gaze and focus of attention in targeting tasks with fixed targets, such as the basketball free throw, darts and shooting.
Steps in Quiet Eye Training in The Basketball Free Throw
  1. Take your stance at the line and look at the hoop fixate the front of hoop as you carry out your pre-shot routine.
  2. Hold the ball in front and fixate a single location on the hoop for oen second (1) and say "nothing but net". Visualize the ball going in the basket.
  3. Perform the free throw so that the ball and your hands travel up through the midline of your body.
  4. The ball will briefly occlude the basket as it enters your visual field. Shoot quickly, using a fluid action.
  5. Follow-through, but do not be concerned about holding your gaze on the hoop during the final extension phase of the shooting arm and hand.
Video: Basketball - free throw

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