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Main Functions of Quiet Eye Solutions (QES)

  1. QES is a software program that isolates the quiet eye in any motor task. It automatically computes the QE location, onset, offset and duration, relative to a specific defined phase of the movement.
  2. QES accepts gaze and motor videos already syhcnronized using an editing package. Synchronized gaze and motor videos are called Vision-In-Action. QES can also temporarily synchronize gaze video from any eye tracker and to any motor video.
  3. A common time line is superimposed over the synchronized videos, thus allowing the coding of the gaze during specific phases of the movement
  4. The video pictured below shows gaze and motor videos of a golfer, performing a chip shot, temporarily synchronized. QES advances the videos so they are synchronized using common cues in both videos (eg. the moment the ball is struck by the club).
  5. The QES interface (right bottom) shows the common time line, and areas to code the motor phases and the gaze (fixations, saccades, etc).
  6. It is recommended the motor phases be coded first, with a trial onset and trial offset that are the same for each trial.
  7. Using the same trial onset and offset, the gaze (fixations, saccades, etc) are entered in order. The location, onset, offset and duration of each gaze is recorded.
  8. The Data Log (top) keeps track of all coded data for the phases of the movement, and the synchronized gaze.
  9. The Data is saved as a .csv file that can be uploaded to any statistical package.

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