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Who will benefit from this website?
This site has been designed primarily for researchers and their students carrying out quiet eye (QE) studies in sport, medicine, law enforcement, the military and other areas where a high degree of expertise is required. The content is free and may be used for educational and research purposes.

What is the Quiet Eye (QE)?

The QE is a period of perfect visual focus found only in experts. Experts have an earlier and longer QE duration, which occurs before a critical phase of the movement. Theoretically, the QE represents the time needed to organize the neural networks underlying the control of the task.

What is Quiet Eye Training (QET)?

Quiet eye training helps non-experts adopt the five (5) QE characteristics of experts, leading to greater improvements in motor performance than when only traditional training methods are used. QE defined

Perception, Cognition and Decision: The Quiet Eye in Action (2007) by Joan N. Vickers (Updated Web Content).

This is still the definitive textbook on the quiet eye and quiet eye training.

Quiet Eye Solutions (QES) – FREE DOWNLOAD

QES is a software package that automatically computes the QE location, onset, offset and duration. It synchronizes the gaze video collected with a mobile eye tracker, with an external video of the participant’s movements. An interface overlays a common time line, permitting the synchronized coding of the phases of the movement and the participant’s gaze (fixations, pursuit tracking, saccades)